SCRIPTURE SNIPPET:.”But watch yourself! Don’t forget the Lord your God by not keeping his commands or his case laws or his regulations that I am commanding you right now.”

MY THOUGHTS: The Hebrew people have been through a long period of changing their ways and becoming a new people under God’s leadership through Moses.  They have put behind them the life of a slave and have been given a new life of promise and hope.  But there has been lots to learn and a lot of ups and downs – really high ups and really low downs – but they are approaching the entrance to their promised land, a land that will meet their every need and give them a secure place of living and worship.  Moses (or the writer of Deuteronomy) is conducting a review of the rules…. You must!  Your must remember where you’ve come from and how you got here and how to keep this promised land and your lives in tact.  And above everything else, REMEMBER THE LORD YOUR GOD who has done all of this for you. During this time of learning and developing as a  people, you have not wanted for a thing… your clothes have not worn out and your feet have not swollen.  God has been with you all along, providing for your every need – even when you grumbled and fussed and created golden cows and worshipped other idols… God has remained, correcting and forgiving and pushing.  Don’t be an entitled people – be a grateful people.  Trust God in all of your day to day issues and comings and going.  Dwell on His goodness.  DON’T FORGET!!! 

3 thoughts on “DON’T FORGET

  1. As I read the scripture, I personally think of the situation we are currently in…..”we had land of wheat and barley, vines and fig trees (figuratively)…..a land you will eat bread without scarcity in which you lack nothing”. For many Americans we were well fed, had jobs and within an instant literally this was taken away from many. And while I am not of the “God has done this to our country” following, because He has not, I do feel in this time of reflection we certainly need to more thoughtful of what we have and what is important and recenter with our focus on Sweet Jesus, As Moses (or the writer) indicates “we must remember where we have been” and keep our eyes focused upward.


  2. Amen sista. So well said and so true. It is my prayer everyday that we take this time to truly be a grateful people. We will get through this because Jesus walks with us. We are so blessed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reminding us the answer is to look up as a hopeful people, not down as a discouraged, helpless people. Love you!


  3. New, here so I am behind. Our Monday morning Bible study group has been zooming, and we’re studying the book of Jonah. One of our scripture readings today was Deuteronomy 6:1-4 which reminds us that we are to keep His laws and His commandments and celebrate in the blessings of doing so where it helps us develop a stronger intimacy with God. Jonah wanted to not obey God’s commands and tried to escape, but we need to remind ourselves, particularly now, that we have this reflection time to pray and thank God for all he has given us always.


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