SCRIPTURE SNIPPET: …”present yourself to God as a tried-and-true worker, who doesn’t need to be ashamed”…

MY THOUGHTS: As we have our own “God moments” … those moments when we realize that without a doubt God has led us through a thing or has healed us or provided for us in ways that we never could have imagined – we begin our own personal testimony. We graduate from hope to understanding, though we are still filled with questions with lots to learn.  We learn more and more to depend on God rather than ourselves in our times of crisis or confusion. We begin to get comfortable giving God everything and leaving the results to Him – seeking His strength for every breath we take.  But then our opportunity comes to get beyond ourselves and assist another in breathing through a crisis.  It’s that moment when God wants us to be the vessel of hope and faith…that moment when we have the opportunity to step forward in our faith. The fear in that moment is of coming across “holy” and separated and “special” is very scary. The fear of being unable to communicate and empathize properly and possibly running the other away rather than inviting them in is real. In 2 Timothy we are encouraged to communicate the message of truth correctly.  How do we do that. How do we come across real and genuine rather than holier than thou… I think that in each of these incidents we have to see ourselves also in a crossroads of crisis.  Our witness is at stake.  We have to put ourselves freshly and on-goingly in the hands of God to be the comforter through “The Comforter”.  We have to be honest that we don’t have the answers, but that we can trust together in God, Who does.  We have to allow our faith to be borrowed in those moments by those who do not have their own faith at that time. It is in these times that we empty ourselves of everything of us and allow ourselves to be ever more the vessel for the other.  Our agendas have to take second place to the need of the other.  Our desires have to have lapses of urgency as we are there for the other.  Jesus put others first and he kept time with His Father to be present in the moment for each and every encounter he faced in his earthly walk. Even at the well in Samaria when he was tired, thirsty and hungry, he was ministering to the Samaritan woman, helping her find living water and total healing, and her testimony changed her whole community.  We have to be in constant contact with our Heavenly Father in order to be prepared for what we may face in a given day.  We have to study and reflect and decide and apply God’s Word to ourselves.  We have to make bold broad statement, like Joshua – that come what may, I am a child of God.  The Bible gives us testimony after testimony of how God works in and through his people.  That same Word gives us strength to be his people.  This nurturing relationship with our Father is very important for living a life that is peaceful, weathering all of life’s storms with a strengh that is not of this world – giving testimony to God in all our actions and reactions.

KINGDOM DIP: As we begin to dwell more and more in God’s Kingdom within our heart – even alongside our earthly walk – our testimony, whenever and wherever it is needed, causes a rippling effect for others to experience God’s Kingdom too!

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