SCRIPTURE SNIPPET:“God has prepared things for those who love him that no eye has see, or ear has heard, or that haven’t crossed the mind of any human being.”

MY THOUGHTS: Such power and understanding God wants for us.  His Spirit, that He gives freely to his people – his children, knows the depths and wisdom of God. On our own, we struggle to know our own depth and understanding, and we wonder about the ‘wisdom’ part altogether – but as we take on God’s Spirit and allow it to sink in and listen to it, we have glimpses – as we are able to comprehind them – of God.  As we try to grasp these things, we may try to express them to a loved one or a confidant – exploring these glimpses outloud to gain even more understanding.  This can be risky as not everyone will be able to grasp this same new ‘thing’ – they may even deem it foolishness.  Sometimes we have to brood over our own glimpses within our relationship with God for a time so that we will be able to better understand for ourselves in order to clearly communicate a Divine Truth.  In the meantime, there will be others out there who are also listening to God’s wisdom and can grasp and join in a revelation of truth in a moment.  God’s moments in our lives are always used for God’s Kingdom’s good and are not to puff us up or launch us foolishly into something that we are not. To glimpse God’s goodness and continue to walk in God’s light takes maturity and seasoning to endure.  One minute of being misunderstood can be enough to send us running back to a comfortable place and let it all go.  But once we are willing to let go of others’ opinions and trust God to direct our own thinking, some really deep roots are able to let down and dig in and our walk in this world can be seen on an entirely different level.  God allows us glimpses along the way, but we must make the decision to keep on opening our mind and heart for a true heart-to-heart / Spirit-to-Spirit experience with God that may change the way we have always seen things.  As we camp out on these glimpses and explore further why they are true in the heart of God, fresh life will spring forth from us.  We will begin walking a little closer to God and being less concerned with the worldliness around us.  As we see ourselves in God’s light there is less need for staunch rules of behavior or religious do’s and don’ts.  We are set free to experience God’s presence in everything we see or touch or smell or hear or taste.  Our whole life experience is enriched and new doors open to even better understandings of our God at work in the whole universe.  When you have a relationship with a Great God, you can no longer think in small or limited ways.  This upward spiral is safe only as you keep it between you and God, until the time comes when others will benefit from your new understanding – all under the guidance of God’s Spirit.  The risk of sharing may meet judgment and denial.  We must continuely saturate ourselves in God’s Word to stay above our own human weakness and pain.  The power of our prayers in these moments of being misunderstood can continue to bridge the gaps to remain independent in God yet in love with our neighbor. We don’t all have to agree on every piece and part, we must agree on our God who is above it all and lean into His guidance.  Joshua stated that “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.  We must make our similiar declarations daily for ourselves to keep from being restrained by popular opinion; to be content with being a ‘fool for Christ’. By the Spirit of God the ‘path makes straight’ and leads us on.  Praise God for His Powerful and Insightful Word and His Guidance!

KINGDOM DIP: As we camp out on these glimpses and explore further why they are true in the heart of God, fresh life will spring forth from us.

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