SCRIPTURE SNIPPET:“Those whose way is blameless — who walk in the Lord’s Instruction — are truly happy! Those who guard God’s laws are truly happy! They seek God with all their hearts.”

THOUGHTS: This could be the theme scripture of Kingdom-Dipping! True happiness is found walking in the Lord’s instruction, listening to God and following what is learned.  This is not easy.  It requires MUCH WORK to learn God and God’s ways, to hear with ears of the heart and soul, not relying on physical ears, but on our connection with our Father. Often popular opinion would rather guide us and we go along without even thinking about what God might think about the issues of our life.  God gave us His commandments.  As a whole and individually, they point us to God’s Kingdom – a place where love abides above wants and desires.  A place where we put the needs of others ahead of our own needs.  A place where God is first and central to our every action and reaction.  A place where all are cared for as if we were caring for ourselves. God does not want us to wait until that “great someday” when we leave this life and head to Heaven to experience this kind of living.  God is very interested in this life incorporating with our earthy walk too.  Jesus prayed and modeled for us, “Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in Heaven”.  As we look to our example, Jesus Christ, we see a life of movement and purpose. A life that was not threatened or overcome by religiosity of the day nor encountered a soul that was not welcomed into his fold.  Jesus met everyone in his path with empathy and compassion knowing that the whole existence of humankind is constantly facing mountains and carrying burdens.  Jesus offers to each of us his assistance in facing our mountains and in carrying our burdens…he even offers to carry them when they are too much for us.  Jesus gives us balance in the face of fear and strife.  Jesus reminds us that there is nothing that we encounter or face that is larger or farther than the love of God. And, Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to encourage us in ways that we cannot understand or see, but strongly as with the power of the wind.  God’s ways are not our ways.  But as we submit our ways under God’s guidance we get closer and closer to living as He intended for us all along.  As we allow, God is our Provider, our Nurturer, our Confidant, our Warrior, our Peace, our Wisdom, and our Nudger. Help us choose your paths, and to follow your ways, dear Father of our soul! 

DIP TIP: Jesus prayed and modeled for us, “Thy Kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in Heaven”. 

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